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30 August 2008 9:19 pm

Vacation Photos - Summer 2008

I finished editing the pictures from the vacation we took this past June. I eliminated close to a third of the pictures and hopefully cropped others to make them more appealing to view. Instead of putting them all in one "Summer Vacation" album as I initially intended, I broke them into the following albums:

We had another great vacation this year with family. Dylan and Andrea saw one set of great-grandparents, both sets of grandparents, all three uncles, both aunts, and their two cousins. As can be seen through the pictures, we kept them busy, but tried not to overload them too much. Naps still are needed during the day, and we probably pushed bedtime a bit too late on a few occasions, but that's what vacations are for.

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29 August 2008 8:26 pm

Preschool Hacker

My daughter is a hacker. At least that is the only explanation that I have for how she was able to answer the phone call from Geoff today. And now, the rest of the story...

On the way home from school, I called Geoff to let him know we were on the way. Typically, when I hang up, Andrea wants to see my phone. Rather than give it to her and let her call her pals in some distant part of the world, I turn off my phone. This often frustrates her, because she can't make the lights on the phone flash. Today, she didn't seem to be bothered as she pressed random buttons.

After a few minutes, Andrea seemed very anxious to give the phone back to me. It was then that I noticed that there was an active phone call with Geoff. At the time, I actually thought that she was just dialing him, but later learned that he had called me.

Alone, the fact that Andrea turned on the phone is not much of a feat. However, the fact that she turned on the phone and then entered my 4-digit security code is quite impressive. If you're wondering, the code is not the same digit four times, nor did I think that it was a very obvious pattern. And yes, I am quite positive that the phone was turned off when I gave it to her.

Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the National Security Agency?

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10 August 2008 8:22 pm

Dead Watch Battery

Often, we don't appreciate something until it is gone. So it is with my watch battery. Yesterday, it was fading and I could only read it when I looked at an angle. Today, all hope is lost. The funny thing is that I've realized it provides me security. I think that I look at my wrist less often when I have my watch on it, even when the watch is useless.

I have had my current watch for over thirteen years. The battery has been replaced at least half a dozen times, and the watch band has also. This past January was the first time that I could not find a watch band that was the same as the original. I somehow can't bring myself to replace the "guts" of the watch, even though I have looked into it on several occasions. This one works, and with minimal maintenance, it keeps on ticking...

Let's just hope I don't go crazy not knowing what time it is before I get a new watch battery.

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8 August 2008 3:14 pm

Piece of Candy?

This past Sunday, Andrea went to a birthday party with Dylan. It made me realize how she is growing up.

At previous birthday parties that we've been to with all of us, Dylan will often partake of the birthday festivities and Andrea will do her own thing with one of us watching her.

At this party, that all changed. Andrea did play by herself mostly on the inflatables and other toys. To her credit, there were mostly 4- and 5- year olds, and no one her age. What struck me as being very different was her behaviour during the pizza and cake portion of the party. Andrea wanted to sit at the table with all of the other children. She ate more pizza than probably any other child there. She was getting a bit antsy before cake, but sat still wand watched very intently when the birthday girl blow out her candles. Then, Andrea did revert and want to sit on my lap for her cake and ice cream. But, we were still at the table with all of the other children. Overall, her needs just seemed to be less than at birthday parties in the past. Andrea was very excited to get her goody bag at the end with all of the other children. She was especially pleased with her "piece of candy" that she got.

Speaking of the candy, I sure hope that Andrea's inquiry about a "piece of candy" just before bedtime while I was on the phone with a high school friend doesn't get misinterpretted. Really, we don't tend to give our children much candy. At least we try very hard not too! Andrea was hungry, since she ate dinner earlier than usual at the party. We settled on a snack of frozen blueberries, after Andrea's initial requests of a "piece of candy" and "ice cream" were turned down by me.

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8 August 2008 3:03 pm

Cute Quotes

How many times are there when kids say something cute, and we just wish that we could later remember? Similarly, how many times does something they say sound funny given the context of an adult that it keeps us from getting too upset with them? I'd say that it's infinite.

So, going off on a tangent, Dylan has interest in understanding the concept of infinity, but he still doesn't get it. "Mommy, what's infinity plus one?" "Infinity." "But what's the biggest number?" "Well, there really isn't one. You can always add one more to it." Like I said, he wants to figure it out, but just doesn't grasp the concept yet.

The quote from Dylan this morning was, "Well, then I'm just going to drink all day." The context was that he was mad at me because I didn't have his milk in the car on the way to school. To my credit, I didn't have it because he didn't want it, and I made it as clear as I could that he wouldn't have his cup of milk at any point on the drive to school. Apparently, I wasn't clear enough. As he was ranting, he fixated on his desire to go to school and drink from the water fountain. And, he wasn't going to go to his classroom. He was just going to stand there and drink all day. Some days, that sounds quite appealing.

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5 August 2008 10:46 pm


As I lay on the edge of sleep,
rain drops pitter patter on my tent
like the footsteps of a hundred children running.

As I drift away,
I overhear the rain talking.
What does it say?

As I wake,
the foggy sunlight evaporates the message of the rain tangled in my dreams.
I reach for them with the fingers of my mind,
but, as I grasp, they disappear.
So, I stop and let them linger until every drop is gone.

Double H Ranch, New Mexico
26 July 2008

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3 August 2008 9:21 pm

Bad Words

Dylan seems to have a fascination with the Indiana Jones movies. I think that it has been fueled by reading about the Indiana Jones LEGO sets and the light-up spoons that we got in the boxes Frosted Mini-Wheats. Yesterday, this fascination led us into a discussion about ratings of movies. This was fueled by my comment to Dylan that he wouldn't be able to see the movie for a few years, and his retort that "Daddy saw the Indiana Jones movie when he was a little boy."

So, I described who could see "G", "PG", "PG-13", and "R" movies. At some point in my lengthy explanation, I mentioned that a reason that some movies are "PG" is that they have bad words. At this, Dylan piped up with "The Surf's Up movie had a bad word in it;" Dylan saw this movie on a school field trip this past week.

"Oh?," I inquired.

"Yes. They said 'Shut Up' instead of 'Be Quiet.'

I did my best to have a look of surprise and disapproval on my face while holding back my laughter. I was pleased with the innocence we have still been able to maintain with Dylan, who is only 4 1/2 years old. I am certain that he will soon learn many more and worse "bad words." In the meantime, I am content with him thinking that "Shut Up" is as bad as it gets.

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1 August 2008 8:38 pm

Goodbye, Starbucks!

I have never been a frequent visitor to Starbucks. I'd guess that I visit 1-2 times a month. Actually, it appears from our financial records that it is much less than that - only 9 times in the past year; I think that must be flawed. But, the frequency is not the point.

I was disappointed while at Starbucks a week ago. My favorite drink, which I know isn't why Starbucks exists, is a Caramel Frappucino. I always order it decaf. Typically grande. Until last week. Starbucks has ceased to make the decaf frappucino mix. They offered me some alternative, which involved the vanilla blended creme mix with decaf espresso. Trying that doubled my disappointment. It wasn't even close to being enjoyable.

I'm also still disappointed that my free Starbucks T-shirt never arrived. Geoff was kind enough to try to order one when I was out to lunch with a friend one day, and managed to place an order. Unfortunately, they didn't follow through. At least I'm not doing free advertising for them. But, I will have to pick a different shirt when I get to painting our bathroom.

So, close as many stores as you like, Starbucks. I'll need something new to motivate me to visit, anyway.

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