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25 July 2007 9:30 pm

Fifteen Months

Andrea's fifteen-month well check was this afternoon. Her head circumference is 19" which is hovering just above the 95th percentile. Her length is 32" which places Andrea at the 90th percentile. And her weight, 21 lbs 15 oz, is midway between the 25th and 50th percentile. She got two immunizations, one in each leg. She had practically no reaction to the first shot. Had it stopped at one shot, she may not have shed a single tear. However, after the second, she cried in protest, but calmed down pretty readily.

Unfortunately, I learned that our second favorite pediatrician is leaving the practice today. He's the one that we have seen most often for sick visits recently. There is one new doctor who I haven't seen with either kid yet, so perhaps there's another good option there. I only strongly dislike one out of the approximately ten doctors they have, so I guess my odds still are pretty reasonable to stay away from him.

Overall, Andrea is healthy. Let's see if we can stay out of the doctor's office with her until her next well check at 18 months! And that appointment will once again be with our favorite pediatrician in the practice.

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23 July 2007 9:32 pm

Tooth Surprise!

Today, I noticed Andrea's eighth tooth. It is on the upper right of her mouth. The surprise is that it is her first molar, not the lateral incisor, on the upper right. She currently has all four central incisors, the three lateral incisors other than the upper right, and the upper right first molar. No idea why this tooth decided to pre-empt all those which I expected before it! It is possible that the tooth has been there for a few days, as it is quite visible. Tooth number seven has been visible for less than a week. It was peeking through the gums on July 17th, but only barely; it was the upper left lateral incisor.

Andrea's teeth all have arrived within the expected window published by the American Dental Association (ADA), except for her upper lateral incisors. One was two months late and the other is two months and counting. It was a surprise to me to notice that range for the upper lateral incisors is actually earlier than the lower lateral incisors. Similarly, the first molars and canines erupt earlier on the top than the bottom.

According to the chart of unknown origin on Dr. Greene's website, this most recent tooth is the first to fall in the normal range. Andrea is well behind the pace Dylan had for tooth eruption, as he had twelve teeth by this age. Surprisingly, I have been better at recording when Andrea's teeth have erupted.

Later this week, I expect to have an update on Andrea's overall health, as she goes in for her fifteen-month well check on Wednesday afternoon.

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19 July 2007 8:57 pm

Dylan's First Poem

Dylan composed his first poem this morning. Fortunately, I was listening carefully and captured it.

The sun comes in my window
And sleeps in my drawer,
And then it plays on my bed.

Naperville, Illinois
19 July 2007

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