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1 August 2008 8:38 pm

Goodbye, Starbucks!

I have never been a frequent visitor to Starbucks. I'd guess that I visit 1-2 times a month. Actually, it appears from our financial records that it is much less than that - only 9 times in the past year; I think that must be flawed. But, the frequency is not the point.

I was disappointed while at Starbucks a week ago. My favorite drink, which I know isn't why Starbucks exists, is a Caramel Frappucino. I always order it decaf. Typically grande. Until last week. Starbucks has ceased to make the decaf frappucino mix. They offered me some alternative, which involved the vanilla blended creme mix with decaf espresso. Trying that doubled my disappointment. It wasn't even close to being enjoyable.

I'm also still disappointed that my free Starbucks T-shirt never arrived. Geoff was kind enough to try to order one when I was out to lunch with a friend one day, and managed to place an order. Unfortunately, they didn't follow through. At least I'm not doing free advertising for them. But, I will have to pick a different shirt when I get to painting our bathroom.

So, close as many stores as you like, Starbucks. I'll need something new to motivate me to visit, anyway.

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