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28 June 2007 9:32 pm

Previously Hidden Pictures

I'm still behind in editing pictures. However, not as behind as you might think. There are several sets of pictures that have been on the website for a while. Unfortunately, I have not taken the time to update the index nor to write a post. Until now. The post is written; the index is not yet updated. So, enjoy. I have quite a backlog of photos to process, considering we downloaded more than 300 pictures from our recent vacation. That's the equivalent of ~12 rolls of film. That's insane. Glad we don't have to pay for processing!

The albums that are awaiting your perusal are:

The albums that you can expect in the future include:

  • Our trip to New Jersey for Abigail's baptism
  • Second Quarter 2007 - Pictures from the end of April, May, and June
  • Vacation trip to New York, June 2007

By the way, in the month of June we have seen Andrea transition from being a baby to a little girl. At the start of the month she was mostly crawling. She is now nearly always walking. Her comprehension of what we say is amazing. Her interest in personal hygiene is also amazing. She likes to brush her teeth. She wants to comb her hair. She's tried sitting on Dylan's little toilet. She helped Daddy wash her face this morning. In fact, at dinner she indicated that he forgot to wash her face. And, Andrea now has six teeth - #5 on June 4th and #6 on June 23rd.

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