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11 September 2010 6:48 pm

First Running Races

Last weekend, Dylan and I both ran in our first organized running races. That is, unless you count gym class in school for me (and I guess for him). To be fair, I had run 5ks as the last leg of a triathlon, but not a standalone run.

On Sunday, I completed a 10k run and was pleased with my results. At a pace of 10:10 (overall time 1:03:02), I was running much faster than I did during training. Not too fast, though, since I was able to finish strong. I finished in the middle of the pack.

On Monday, Dylan completed a mile fun run with a time of 10:03. Dylan was third out of four boys in the 6 and under category. He and Geoff ran together, but Dylan sprinted at the end and left Geoff a second behind. During the race, when someone shouted Dylan's number, Dylan picked up his pace. Dylan also sped up when he saw me and Andrea cheering for him along the route. He enjoyed an apple and a bottle of gatorade at the finish, and then joined us to watch the parade. Dylan was quite proud of his medal and his t-shirt.

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