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13 October 2005 9:55 pm

Oktoberfest and Toto

We biked to Oktoberfest last weekend. This was Dylan's second time on his bike carrier which he loves. After locking the bikes and helmets, we headed into the tent to enjoy the beer, music, and food. The band went on break while we were eating our brauts and a radio station played music instead. Next thing I realize, Toto's Africa was being played.

I hadn't heard this song in a very long time and hearing it triggered a very old but vivid memory. I remember sitting around large round tables in fourth grade with a number of friends all wearing headphones jacked into the same tape deck playing this song. I seem to remember we used to listen to this same song day after day. We would all await the drum rift to refine our air drumming prowess.

A short trip to the iTunes music store and Africa by Toto is now on my podito....

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