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21 December 2008 8:17 am

United States Patent 7,465,824

"Process for the production of high purity aromatic carboxylic acids using a benzoic acid and water solvent for oxidation and purification"


A process is disclosed for producing at least one high purity aromatic carboxylic acid by oxidizing an aromatic feedstock with oxygen in a reaction medium comprising the aromatic feedstock, a promoter, a heavy metal catalyst, and a solvent which comprises benzoic acid and water to produce a reactor effluent wherein substantially all of the aromatic carboxylic acid produced remains in solution; and then hydrogenating the reactor effluent in the presence of a catalyst and hydrogen. This process efficiently and effectively produces high purity aromatic carboxylic acids by utilizing a common solvent for both oxidation and purification and eliminating the need for intermediate process steps and equipment.

Inventors: Schmit; Carolyn E. (Naperville, IL), Sikkenga; David L. (Wheaton, IL), Meller; Christopher G. (Carol Stream, IL)

Assignee: BP Corporation North America Inc. (Warrenville, IL)

No offense taken if you decide not to read the whole text. I read it enough times for all of us!

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8 December 2008 9:13 pm


"Mommy, I want my blanket."

"Your blanket? Which blanket? Do you want your quilt?"

"My blanket."

"Andrea, which blanket?"

"My blanket. That blanket."


"Wait! You said, 'blanket.' Geoff, did you hear? Andrea said 'blanket.'

I admit that I was a bit slow. Andrea has evolved from "Daddy's" to "Did-it" and now on to "blanket." Looking back, it is possible that she's been saying blanket for days... or weeks... but, I've finally caught on.

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