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30 October 2008 8:55 pm

It Broke

The day that I was fearing is finally upon us. Daddy's Blanket broke. It is now two blankets. The wear and tear of all the pulling of fuzzies has taken its toll.

Fortunately, my reaction to Dylan's proclamation that "It broke!" was a calm, simple, "Now you have two." He accepted that, and is cuddling with two Daddy's Blankets at bedtime tonight.

Now, Daddy's Blanket can be in two places at once.

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25 October 2008 2:39 pm

First Sentence


"Mommy, what does that say?"

"It says, 'I am going to the park.' Did you write that, Dylan?"


"Who helped you write it?"

"No one. I wrote that in my journal this morning. I sounded it out."

It wasn't until after Andrea brought me a piece of paper and was waiting for a big hug that I realized how excited my response was to Dylan. I gave him a big hug, and was beaming from ear to ear.

I'm almost certain that he did in fact write it this morning. It was accompanied by a picture of a stick figure that was standing in grass with what might be a bench nearby. There is a blue line for the sky and both yellow and black suns. Perhaps I'll get around to scanning this page to share. The picture and writing were done with markers that we have at home, in his journal from school from last week. There was one blank page at the back, because they did not have school on Monday the 13th.

I think that I was about as excited with this as I was with his first steps. A proud moment as my little boy grows up.

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19 October 2008 9:28 pm

Pictures - Camping and Cousins

Now available are two new sets of pictures: camping over the summer and a visit from cousins last month.

Unless I am overly ambitious, these are the last pictures you can expect for a while. The next commitment I have is for Fourth Quarter pictures. However, I may make a separate album out of events over the next several months if the number of pictures warrants it.

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14 October 2008 8:45 pm

Two and a Half

Andrea is nearly two and a half. Yesterday, she had her two-and-a-half-year-old well-check at the pediatrician's office. She also had her flu shot. And Dylan received his flu shot.

Of the three measurements that are taken, the one that I believe the most is the weight. This time, Andrea weighed 29 lbs and 4 oz, which places her just above the 50th percentiles for girls her age. Her head measured at 20", which is above the 95th percentile. The measurement that I have a hard time believing this time is Andrea's height. Measured lying down, by drawing lines on the paper at her head and heels, Andrea is supposedly 38 1/2". If that is the case, then she is above the 95th percentile for height. When you look at her growth curves, there is an obvious error in height measurement somewhere. For this check-up, I could believe 38", which would be between the 90th and 95th percentile. I could also believe 37 1/2", which is just below the 90th. I could also believe 36 1/2" if last times measurements were accurate. Looking back at Andrea's numbers from her 2-year check-up, I now believe the measurement of 34 1/4" was on the low side. It seemed strange that she had dropped from just above the 90th percentile to just above the 50th in only six months. It now seems strange that she grew only an inch between 18 months and 24 months, and a full 4 1/4 inches in the six months since.

But, enough hypothesizing about the measurements taken at the doctor's office. The important summary is that Andrea is growing. And, Andrea is healthy.

Andrea did not utter a peep when she was given her flu shot. Total silence. Dylan on the other hand, made quite a bit of noise. However, the noise was probably louder before his shot than after.

Yesterday, I also noticed Andrea's lower left 2-year molar barely peeking through the gums. For those who are counting, this is tooth number seventeen.

Officially, we have five more days until two-and-a-half. But, I've already started referring to Andrea as being there.

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6 October 2008 9:12 pm

Trash Collector

I am now a trash hauler. Okay, maybe that's being a bit extreme. Trash collector is probably more accurate.

At work, I have now lost my trash can at my desk. If you recall, over the summer, I lost my walls and door. Now, my trash can. This is part of an initiative that is called "cooperative cleaning." Instead of a cleaning crew coming in after hours, they work while we work. In order to minimize desk-side disruptions, everybody will dispose of their own waste into centralized containers. Since folks in a pilot of this process were not able to empty desk-side trash receptacles regularly, we now have only four large trash containers for the entire floor. Instead of one member of the cleaning crew taking a moment to dump my trash can into the bin that was pushed through the floor, I now have to either collect trash on my desk (used piece of gum anyone?) or I have to walk approximately 25 yards to and from a trash can whenever I need to throw something away. Cost savings at its finest.

I'm just waiting for the list to be distributed that tells me which day I have toilet-cleaning duty. And I'll take vacation that day.

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5 October 2008 9:34 pm

Third Quarter 2008 Photos

New pictures are now available! The third quarter just ended this week, and SURPRISE! that brings pictures immediately your way. Also newly added are pictures from our opening weekend trip to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Still awaiting editing are pictures from our camping trip in August and pictures from last weekend's visit from the cousins, Uncle Tom, and Grandma.

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