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26 April 2007 10:03 pm

New, But Old, Photos

Pictures are now posted for Andrea's Month Eight and Month Nine, and for Christmas 2006. If you're counting, that will take you right up to Dylan's birthday, which was over three months ago. I'm still working on the next set...

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25 April 2007 8:25 pm

Happy Birthday, Andrea!

Andrea's birthday was last Thursday. We celebrated in a low-key manner. We made an applesauce cake with cream cheese frosting and served Breyer's french vanilla ice cream with it. Mommy, Daddy, and Dylan sang "Happy Birthday" and Andrea watched her birthday cake. She was reaching for it. I'm not sure if it was the fact that it looked like something to eat or if it was the flame on the candle. Dylan sang the last verse, the part about how old are you now, to Andrea. It was very cute as he sang, "how old are you, sweetie." Dylan then blew out the candle for Andrea. Andrea seemed to enjoy her cake and frosting. She was not a fan of the ice cream, which I blame on the temperature. It was clear from her face that she did not like it! She tried a second bite, and had a very similar response. Dylan opened a few presents on her birthday for her and both Andrea and Dylan had fun playing with them.

Andrea had her one-year well check on Monday. She is a healthy little girl. She is tall and skinny! Her height of 30 1/2" puts her at about the 90th percentile, as does her head circumference of 18 1/2". The head size explains why Dylan's old 12-18 month size hat barely fits. Andrea's weight is only 19 lbs 12 1/2 oz, which is just above the 25th percentile. So, we'll keep her rear-facing in the car for a bit longer.

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7 April 2007 8:44 pm

First Steps

Andrea took her first unassisted steps today. At least, the first that I saw. I'll have to probe to learn whether she took any this past week at school.

Andrea's first steps were away from me; Dylan's first steps were toward me. After her nap today, I set her down on the floor. On her feet, not in a sitting position, since she has a strong preference to be standing. She balanced for a few seconds without support. Then, she took a couple of steps toward the coffee table, which was only a couple of steps away.

Andrea took quite a few more steps this afternoon and evening. She first played the game of take two steps from the coffee table to the couch, where Mommy was sitting, and fall into Mommy's lap. While Dylan and Geoff were still coloring Easter eggs, she took some steps around the sunroom. I counted five in a row at one point. She definitely continues to be a bit more reckless than Dylan ever was, which means I need to stay close enough to prevent face plants.

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