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Welcome to , , , and virtual front porch. This web site is just that; a place to visit for family, friends, and anyone, who are too far away, to stop by in person. Pull up a chair and stay a while....

22 May 2006 7:32 am

Site Availability

Over the next week or so, the site may be down during normal business hours. I have a new router for work but it isn't yet set it up to allow web traffic. Sorry for the inconvenience. (Yes, I realize that if the web server is down, you can't read this message, but my hope is that you frequent visitors will read this message before the site is down.)

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28 April 2005 10:02 pm


I just finished moving this site from Movable Type to Blosxom. The simplicity of Blosxom is intoxicating. I can now create stories in my favorite text editor and create new categories as easily as creating a new folder. No web forms, no regenerating web pages, just simple text editing. With Blosxom's less than 150 lines of Perl code and a handful of plug-ins (categorytree, entries_index, find, flatarchives, meta, moreentries, netflix, reading_room, and whoami), the site now does more of what I wanted in a much simpler fashion. Hopefully, this will make me more likely to write.

The site looks pretty much the same. However, there is more information in the sidebar. You can now browse my recently read books, book shelf of books to read, and Netflix queue.

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20 January 2004 5:03 pm


Welcome to Carolyn and I have set up this site to share news and photos which family and friends.

On the left side are links to various categories of photo albums: family, vacations, and woodworking. Each category contains an index of albums. Below the categories of photo albums are categories of journal entries: family, hobbies, poetry, and soapbox. Most of the journal entries will be topical except for the poetry category in which I will post, over time, various poems I have written in the last 20 years.

This entry is posted under the hobbies journal category since this web site has now become a hobby of mine. For those who may be interested, this web site is powered by Movable Type, Apache, MySQL, and Mac OS X. Content is created in BBEdit and iPhoto with the help of BetterHTMLExport. All content on this web site, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons License. This web site's markup should validate as valid XHTML; its layout, valid CSS; and its feed, valid RSS. If you have a modern, standards-compliant browser, and this site look odd, please let me know.

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