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26 March 2007 8:25 pm

Wonders of Spring

Andrea is seeing the signs of spring for the first time. This evening, I walked around the backyard with Andrea. We looked at and touched the buds on the maple trees and magnolia trees. She enjoyed feeling the evergreen tree leaves. Walking in the yard, while holding my hands, she stopped to reach for a tree branch that had fallen to the ground. Geoff took a couple of pictures, but they don't do justice to the glimmer of amazement and excitement that were in her eyes. On our way inside, Andrea and I paused and looked at the buds on the magnolia tree once more; I suggested that she always take time to smell the flowers.

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24 March 2007 11:02 pm

Mr. Schmit

Now that I'm student teaching, it was bound to happen. The family was eating dinner at Noodles when I heard, "Hey, Mr. Schmit!" A couple of my students were also eating at Noodles and said hello. While I expected to run into my students outside of school, I didn't appreciate that they would refer to me as "Mr. Schmit." (All the Scouts refer to me as "Geoff.") Surprisingly, it didn't feel strange to be referred to as "Mr. Schmit." In fact, I didn't even look around for my father :)
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