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15 August 2007 8:35 pm

Two Firsts

This week Andrea experienced two more "First"s: her first experience drinking from a straw, and her first ponytail.

The first straw-drinking experience occurred at Chili's on Sunday evening. Actually, that was I believe a first for Andrea too - eating at Chili's rather than getting carry-out. Anyway, I was drinking water with a straw and Andrea was all too interested to ignore her. So, I let her have a try. She put the straw in her mouth, and, well, nothing happened. She looked at me with a confused look, so I demonstrated how to suck water up through the straw. She attempted again, and barely got water to draw into the straw. On the next attempt, she did well and managed to get a drink of water. Not surprisingly, she continued to want to drink water from the straw.

Andrea's first ponytail occurred yesterday evening and only lasted about 15 minutes. She was pretty indifferent to it, but I opted to take it out for bedtime. Her second ponytail lasted the entire day today! I put it in this morning and didn't take it out until bath time. It was a single ponytail on the top of her head -- a "fountain ponytail" as my friend Carla taught me. Let's hope she continues to allow this, because her hair is long enough to be covering her eyes some. And I haven't quite decided whether I want to go the bangs route.

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