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25 April 2009 8:57 pm

Swim, Kick, Reach!

It is always interesting to me to see the videos that Oma takes of Dylan and Andrea swimming. Since I am still in the water with Andrea during swim lessons, the video allows me to see her swim from a different perspective. And I am constantly amazed. Dylan has made incredible progress in six weeks of private swim lessons. I put together a compilation of some of Oma's video taken last weekend. Note that there are no flotation devices on either kid!

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4 April 2009 11:25 am

Preschool Friends

Andrea is now in a pre-school class at school. She turns three later this month, and moved with four of her friends from the "Twos II" classroom to the "Pre-school I" classroom. For Dylan this was one of the harder transitions to make, since it means starting the day in a different room. For Andrea, it was the easiest!

This week, Dylan and Andrea started the day in the same classroom. They also ended the day in the same classroom. It was very rewarding to see how they enjoyed being together. I think that at both the start and end of the day, the two of them were no more than two feet apart. Dylan appeared to enjoy having his sister there, and Andrea seemed to appreciate having the comfort of her brother. I got stories that the two were apart at times, but still would look up to see where the other was. During each day they go to separate classrooms.

I am very reassured that Dylan and Andrea seem to be friends in addition to siblings.

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