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22 June 2004 10:23 pm

Dylan's Artwork

Footprints in Red An album of Dylan's artwork makes it debut tonight with the first two masterpieces, "Footprints in Red" and "Footprints on Yellow." The media is poster paint on construction paper. Of the two, I prefer "Footprints in Red" as I think it better conveys Dylan's energy. Both pieces clearly are representative of the action painter subculture of the abstract expressionism movement popularized by Jackson Pollock and Willem De Kooning.

By the way, Dylan is now five months old. Check out pictures from his fifth month.

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4 June 2004 7:20 am

The License Plate Game

Now that Memorial Day is passed, a new past time occurs in the Schmit family: the License Plate Game. Since joining the Schmit family, I first learned the basic rules and have since been trying to understand all of the intricacies. This is not an endeavor to be taken lightly!

The goal of the game is to see all 50 U.S. license plates plus D.C. between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There are currently three teams: Geoff and Carolyn, Sharon and George, and Grant. Dylan is not old enough to play yet, but I am sure he will as he grows older. Viewing of a license plate must be verified by another player, but not necessarily one on your own team. So, if Grant and I both see a license plate, it counts for both teams.

Other license plates can be recorded, but are not part of the primary game. These would include plates such as those of the Canadian provinces, U.S. Government, etc.

So far, Geoff and I have Illinois and Minnesota. We have seen the same SUV with North Dakota plates several times recently, but before Memorial Day. Hopefully we see it again, as North Dakota is not historically an easy one to find.

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