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2 March 2005 7:46 pm


     Faster, faster,
I must keep going.
I hear the monotonous sound of foot steps behind me.

     Faster, faster,
My chest constricts restraining my breathing.
I continue to hear the steady thump of boots.

     Faster, faster,
I turn down the alley hoping for a way to escape.
I sense his presence still behind me continuing this nightmare.

     Faster, faster,
I see a chain link fence at the end of the dismal alley.
I smell the leather of my persuader's jacket.

     Faster, faster,
I jump and begin to scale the rusted barrier.
I feel his hand grasp my foot.

     Faster, faster, I try hopelessly to break away and escape.
I turn and scream when I.......

Fenner, New York
late 1980s

Cue the Hitchcock music.... Remember I'm posting my poetry collection in reverse chronological order. So, while the poems may not be as good, remember that I was at least cuter back then.

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