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25 September 2004 4:05 pm

Buffalo Wild Wings

Carolyn recently pointed out to me that Buffalo Wild Wings is the same chain as BW3s (i.e., Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck) or, as we used to call it, B-Dubs. In addition, she mentioned that one had recently opened near us. So, Carolyn and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday for dinner. While in college, I used to frequent the BW3s in Coventry quite often. I would order a burger, buffalo chips, wings, and beer and sit and play trivia with friends for hours. This most recent trip with Carolyn was a little different.

I didn't order buffalo chips with my burger and wings. Oh, and I didn't order wings, I ordered boneless buffalo wings since they are healthier. I didn't get a tall 22 ounce beer, just a pint, and I had only one. We didn't have to order at the window and listen for our number, but, rather, we were seated and had a server. This meant we had to tip. They still have trivia, but I didn't play. I'm not quite sure I remember the password for the signu account that we all shared in college. I think I remember it now, which is amazing since I can't even remember my license plate number. The burger and boneless buffalo wings were good. However, eating a boneless buffalo wing with a fork can't really compare to eating a real wing with your right hand as you drink beer with your left (a good friend taught me that trick). Anyway, partly because we needed to pick up Dylan, we stayed less than an hour. Oh, and when I got home, I took a nap. But, yes, thirty is treating me fine.

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10 September 2004 10:17 am

New and Improved

Every time that I read those two words, or even one of the two, on any consumer product, I cringe. It has been my experience that new and improved to most companies is not quite as good to me. Perhaps more companies should retain their classic products like Coca-Cola eventually did. Unfortunately, most products don't have the same passionate following that Coke has.

My most recent example of a modified product is my shampoo. Geoff returned from the grocery store with my shampoo among other items. At the top of the bottle is written:

fragrance and formula

I think, "Uh oh," and into the shower the shampoo went.

Every morning this week, I have been awoken a bit more than usual in the shower, thinking "What is that smell? Oh yeah, my new shampoo fragrance."

Often, the other options available to me are no better, so I am just stuck with "new and improved" products that I believe are inferior to the old. However, other times I do find a better product and switch my allegiance. I'm not sure what I'll do when the shampoo I have in the house is nearing empty, but it might mean a switch after seven or eight years.

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7 September 2004 10:49 pm

Philmont Skies

As I stood upon the mountain top,
The sky was but a sea;
And the clouds, islands.

Cimmaron, New Mexico

Once you're there, you understand why its called "God's Country."

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