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5 January 2006 9:39 pm


LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT While I love my job at National Instruments, I don't usually post about my work projects here because I figure that most my friends and family really aren't interested in the development of an IEEE 1588-compliant PCI product no matter how cool I may think it is. However, my current project is quite a bit different. After working on this project for quite some time, I can finally talk about it since the LEGO group announced the LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ NXT at CES yesterday. LEGO and NI are collaborating on this product. I'm the technical lead for the small team at NI that is developing the driver software which handles the communication from Mac OS X and Windows to the NXT via USB and Bluetooth. Being an avid LEGO fan for as long as I can remember, the opportunity to play a small role in the development of this product is amazing. Wired has probably the best coverage of the product announcement. Stay tuned to the MINDSTORMS site and the newly launched blog for more information.

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3 January 2006 8:21 pm

Newspaper Article

Dylan had his picture in the newspaper for the first time today. Our local newspaper, the Naperville Sun, published a brief story about family story time at the library. We happened to be at the library for story time yesterday, since we were caught in a downpour while on a walk, and Carolyn and Dylan were caught on film. The article, which appeared on page 3 and was continued on page 4, is available online. The picture, which is not online, had the caption "Two-year old Mark DeGeorge, center, pretends to be a bubble during family story time at Nichols Library on Monday morning in Naperville. Other "bubbles" are 3-year-olds Reid Walters, far left, and Simon Jarecki, far right. In the middle of the melee, Carolyn Schmit and son, Dylan, almost 2, look on." I'm only pictured from the shoulders down.

While at the library, Dylan checked out his first books. He selected two about Miss Spider by David Kirk (Miss Spider's Tea Party and Little Miss Spider: Sunny Patch School) and one by Richard Scarry titled A Day at the Airport.

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