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10 August 2008 8:22 pm

Dead Watch Battery

Often, we don't appreciate something until it is gone. So it is with my watch battery. Yesterday, it was fading and I could only read it when I looked at an angle. Today, all hope is lost. The funny thing is that I've realized it provides me security. I think that I look at my wrist less often when I have my watch on it, even when the watch is useless.

I have had my current watch for over thirteen years. The battery has been replaced at least half a dozen times, and the watch band has also. This past January was the first time that I could not find a watch band that was the same as the original. I somehow can't bring myself to replace the "guts" of the watch, even though I have looked into it on several occasions. This one works, and with minimal maintenance, it keeps on ticking...

Let's just hope I don't go crazy not knowing what time it is before I get a new watch battery.

Posted by geoff at 20:22 in /rants and raves