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21 December 2008 8:17 am

United States Patent 7,465,824

"Process for the production of high purity aromatic carboxylic acids using a benzoic acid and water solvent for oxidation and purification"


A process is disclosed for producing at least one high purity aromatic carboxylic acid by oxidizing an aromatic feedstock with oxygen in a reaction medium comprising the aromatic feedstock, a promoter, a heavy metal catalyst, and a solvent which comprises benzoic acid and water to produce a reactor effluent wherein substantially all of the aromatic carboxylic acid produced remains in solution; and then hydrogenating the reactor effluent in the presence of a catalyst and hydrogen. This process efficiently and effectively produces high purity aromatic carboxylic acids by utilizing a common solvent for both oxidation and purification and eliminating the need for intermediate process steps and equipment.

Inventors: Schmit; Carolyn E. (Naperville, IL), Sikkenga; David L. (Wheaton, IL), Meller; Christopher G. (Carol Stream, IL)

Assignee: BP Corporation North America Inc. (Warrenville, IL)

No offense taken if you decide not to read the whole text. I read it enough times for all of us!

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