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21 December 2008 8:17 am

United States Patent 7,465,824

"Process for the production of high purity aromatic carboxylic acids using a benzoic acid and water solvent for oxidation and purification"


A process is disclosed for producing at least one high purity aromatic carboxylic acid by oxidizing an aromatic feedstock with oxygen in a reaction medium comprising the aromatic feedstock, a promoter, a heavy metal catalyst, and a solvent which comprises benzoic acid and water to produce a reactor effluent wherein substantially all of the aromatic carboxylic acid produced remains in solution; and then hydrogenating the reactor effluent in the presence of a catalyst and hydrogen. This process efficiently and effectively produces high purity aromatic carboxylic acids by utilizing a common solvent for both oxidation and purification and eliminating the need for intermediate process steps and equipment.

Inventors: Schmit; Carolyn E. (Naperville, IL), Sikkenga; David L. (Wheaton, IL), Meller; Christopher G. (Carol Stream, IL)

Assignee: BP Corporation North America Inc. (Warrenville, IL)

No offense taken if you decide not to read the whole text. I read it enough times for all of us!

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9 February 2007 2:25 pm

First Patent Application

Yesterday, an application for a patent was filed with the U.S. Patent Office on which the authors are "Schmit et al." This is the first invention that I have been involved with which we have decided to patent. I expect that it will take a few years before the patent will be issued. However, when there is any information about the invention in the public domain, I will share.

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30 May 2004 5:06 pm

The Speed of Academia

Earlier this year, two articles based upon the research that comprised my dissertation were published in Chemical Engineering Science (Vol 59 p 1255-1266 and p 1267-1283). It took nearly two years for the review process to occur this time. Our original submission was received on 29 April 2002. The revised version received on 22 July 2003. The delay was primarily on the side of the journal. It took greater than a year for us to receive reviewer feedback. Not the speediest process. The article was finally accepted on 14 September 2003. And we received proofs on 18 February 2004, prior to publication.

If you're interested in reading the abstracts, they are available online: Investigation of X-ray imaging of vapor–liquid contactors. 1. Studies involving stationary objects and a simple flow system and Investigation of X-ray imaging of vapor–liquid contactors. 2. Experiments and simulations of flows in an air–water contactor

To view the entire text, a subscription to the Elsevier journal is required, or you can visit your local engineering library. If you are really interested, and don't know where to find the journal, drop me an email.

I published my dissertation through UMI. Only the citation is now accessible to those who are not part of a subscribing institution. If you are, you should be able to download at least the first 30 pages or so. Unfortunately, I can't test this. I would not recommend buying a printed copy of my dissertation through UMI. The graphics are all black and white, rather than grayscale, which makes them virtually useless. If you are interested in more about my dissertation, drop me a note.

If you are interested in knowing how the research has proceeded after I left the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, contact my research advisor, Bruce Eldridge, who is part of the Separations Research Program.

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