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21 May 2011 4:29 pm

Child Proof

Andrea enjoys reading all sorts of items in her environment now. Sometimes, it leads to interesting questions (some not to be repeated here!). However, other times it leads to items not being as "Child Safe" as they were prior to her being able to read.

Recently, Andrea shared with us that to open her vitamin bottle, you just need to press and turn. And to close it, you turn the other way. After reading this information on the lid, she proceeded to do exactly as the bottle instructed and opened the supposedly child-safe container. I guess we need to be sure to keep things in the closet when we don't want her to get into them.

Which reminds me of the time that we had the supposedly child-proof doorknob cover. A bit of persistence and the strength of a two-year-old put an end to that solution when Dylan opened the closet door. Instead, we put the sliding bolt lock on the door. The closet isn't child-proof any more since the kids are tall enough to stand on a stepstool and reach the lock.

Just as we can no longer spell to communicate between us, we now need to be more cautious about what is around and stored. And we need to hope that Andrea reads the warning information along with the instructions!

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