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25 November 2008 8:44 pm

Growing Up

Andrea is growing up!

We've seen remarkable growth and change in the last month or so. Andrea has really taken an interest in writing and is now writing what looks to me like an "H" but I think that she calls either an A (for Andrea) or a D (for Dylan). Andrea also is joining Dylan with lots of imaginative play. They have been playing much more interactively. Both of these changes have made a world of difference at church, where Andrea will now sit in the pew with us for an hour plus.

InTheTruck Just yesterday we encountered a huge milestone: Andrea rode in the truck for the first time. Over the weekend, Dylan rode in the back in the jumpseat. After investigating the rules of the road in Illinois, I learned that as long as there is only a lap belt this is permitted. The truck manual had guidelines for being at least 40 lbs to sit in the seat; Dylan is 42 lbs. Yesterday, we had a parent-teacher conference for Andrea, and both kids wanted to ride in the truck with Daddy. We were going to put Andrea in the carseat and adjust it, but then realized that in that carseat she is too big for the 5-point harness. So, she had her first ride with a belt-positioning booster. Upon arriving home, after a wonderful dinner at Jason's Deli, Andrea weighed in just over 30 lbs, so she is legit in the belt-positioning booster.

The car seat we have in the truck was never my favorite. I'm not sure who it's designed for... but let's keep this positive for tonight.

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