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22 February 2008 9:34 pm

Nail Polish

It all started on Wednesday at the Scholastic book fair at Dylan's school. He saw a book that was stereo-typically for girls and he pointed that out to Samuel's dad, "this book is for girrrlllls." Then, Dylan something attached to the book piqued Dylan's curiosity.

What's that?, he asked me.

That's nail polish.

What's it for?

Painting fingernails.

I want some.

Okay. I'll buy you some. Not that book, but I'll buy you some nail polish.

I want green nail polish.

I'll see what I can find at the store.

And, so at Target today, I picked up some nail polish that seemed to be for kids rather than adults. That also involved a brief conversation with a woman who had her two daughters with her looking at the same products:

If I want to buy nail polish for a four-year old, am I looking at the right stuff?

Yes. A four-year old girl would be thrilled with that nail polish. If you're looking for make-up sets, they might carry some of those in the toy section with the dress-up clothes.


So, I was prepared for when Dylan asks about nail polish again. If ever. And good thing, too. Within less than an hour, in the car ride home today, Dylan asked whether I had nail polish for him to paint his finger nails. Why, of course I do, Dylan! And after dinner, we painted his finger nails. All except the thumb that he still sucks. I have bad memories of having bad tasting nail polish on my thumb that I sucked as a child. Andrea had two finger nails painted too, since it looked like fun. Dylan was first disappointed that he didn't have green nail polish. But, I managed to convince him that there was green glitter in one of the containers. There were three containers of nail polish, all somewhat sparkly, but without much real color -- one was clear (with green, blue, and yellow glitter among other colors), one with a pink tint, and one with a purple tint.

I forgot to buy nail polish remover, so let's hope that Dylan doesn't need to have it off immediately.

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