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3 February 2008 8:40 pm


One of my favorite times of the week is swimming with Andrea. If you missed it, there was a short video with clips of Andrea's swim class two weeks ago. Well, I sure wish there was a video camera focused on Andrea in the pool yesterday. Words just won't do it justice. The swim instructor suggested that we can try a swim belt with Andrea. This is the modern day version of the "bubble" that I remember swimming with as a kid; I also remember taking it off, swimming in front of my mom and nearly giving her a heart attack. Initially, Andrea was hesitant to put it on. However, I managed to trick her and then she had a blast once she became comfortable with it. Andrea was able to "swim" all by herself with it! Yes, she motored around the pool totally unassisted from me. Now, she's not yet skilled enough where I'd be more than a foot away from her, but it was still quite amazing to me. Okay, maybe not yet olympic material, but I deserve to be a proud mom.

Also amazing is the fact that Andrea finally has a new tooth. Her lower right eye tooth broke through the surface last Sunday. We're now up to 12 teeth. She is still missing the upper right lateral incisor. The last of her molars appeared sometime last September. Or maybe it was October. It seems that we've been awaiting the eye tooth for a while.

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