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1 January 2008 9:58 pm

Summer Vacation Photos

Happy New Year!

And happy browsing through our photos from our summer vacation of 2007. Yes, that was last year, but there are 235 photos after deleting quite a few duplicates and sub-par ones. If you want to get started, here's the Summer Vacation 2007 Album. Yes, there are eight index pages. For those who don't want to browse them all, here are some quick links to photos from various activities:

Looking back at the number of things that we did, it makes a lot more sense that we have so many pictures. I hope you enjoy browsing.

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1 January 2008 8:56 pm


Today, we went sledding on the big hill in downtown Naperville. We weren't there for too long, but it was fun. Geoff purchased a new green saucer sled for Dylan, which was very well received. The two of them took the first couple of trips down the hill together on that, while Andrea and I went down on our blue plastic sled.

It wasn't clear whether Andrea enjoyed herself or not. I sprayed her with some snow on the first time down. I was trying to remember how to steer the sled and also to slow it down. Unfortunately, the snow sprayed up right in our faces with my attempts. On the second time down the hill, I heard a few faint "mama"s, so decided that she and I would sit out the next trip. It was nice to be able to capture a couple of pictures of Geoff and Dylan's next descent. Andrea and I went back up the hill and she was clear that she didn't want to go down again. She was content just watching the people at the top and being held most of the time.

Dylan had three solo trips down the hill, for which Geoff followed close behind in the other sled. Not surprisingly, Dylan and Andrea both took good naps today.

So, I was thinking about the last time that I went sledding, and I am pretty sure it was spring break of freshman year of college. I went to the sledding hill in Liverpool, near Taft Road and Buckley Road, with at least Sarah, Ken, and Ajay. Actually, the only one that I am 100% sure was there was Ken, as that may have been the last time that I saw him... I do keep up occasionally on his whereabouts by perusing his blog or his wife's blog. With Ajay, I occasionally exchange email, from which I learned this news about his business, Saatwic Foods. Most of the time, I end up hearing about Sarah through our mothers; they don't have hyperlinks yet.

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