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22 December 2007 6:04 pm

Merry Christmas!

So, most of the Christmas cards went in the mail today. I was a bit ambitious this year and actually put "Merry Christmas" on the cards with the hope that they would be in people's mailboxes before Christmas. Perhaps some will get to where they are going by Monday. Some will definitely not. The couple that need to be sent internationally will definitely not get there in time for Christmas, and perhaps not for New Years, since they are still waiting to be addressed. Oh well. Next year, I may just have the cards say "Belated Merry Christmas" and accept reality.

For those who are wondering how we managed to get the kids to both smile at the same time, I'll share my secret: Photoshop (Thanks, Pete!). One picture is real, and one is a compilation. Now that you know the secret, let's see if you can spot the tell-tale signs of manipulation.

For those who didn't make it onto the Christmas card list this year, let me know that you're out there in cyberspace, and we'll share with you the yearly update also. Now, if you're someone who we see regularly, don't expect a card in your mailbox. One thing that I learned from my mother is that sending cards to only those who you don't have a chance to share a greeting in person significantly reduces the number of cards to send.

So, the Christmas cards are slowly filling our mailbox. It is wonderful to hear how everyone is doing, and also to see the beautiful pictures of our friends' children. This year, it also motivated me to write this post. Merry Christmas, Mickey and Bob! Hope that Jen managed to get you to view the website.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

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