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22 October 2007 9:02 pm

Baby Face

This weekend, Dylan asked to play with Photo Booth on the new iMac. He sat in Carolyn's lap while doing so. After a couple of pictures, they started playing with some of the Photo Booth effects. Soon there after, we were all laughing hysterically; Carolyn literally in tears. I threw together this video to share the pictures with all of you.
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22 October 2007 8:55 pm

Monkey Andrea

Andrea had her eighteen-month well check this afternoon, and even the doctor called her a monkey. She was demonstrating her desire to be held upside down, and also showing her keen interest in doing flips in the air, fully supported by Mommy, of course.

Andrea was not too keen to be measured. The weight wasn't too big of a deal, as she just had to sit on the scale. She has added just over a pound in the last three months, and is now 23 lbs 1 oz. Andrea did not want to lie still on her back, but the nurse somehow managed to measure her at 33 1/4" long, whch is an inch and a quarter longer than three months ago. The measurement of Andrea's head circumference was a bit more of a struggle. After the first attempt read 19", the nurse decided to try again. The second attempt also read 19", which is the same as it was three months ago. My guess is that the measurement was off at the last doctor appointment, but no one wanted to try a second time to confirm it. Andrea continues to be at the 90th percentile for height, to be between the 25th and 50th for weight, and is now back between the 90th and 95th for cap size.

Andrea is developing well. Her fine motor skills are well ahead of where Dylan was at the same age, but Dylan's verbal skills far exceeded Andrea's. Nothing to be concerned about at this time.

Both Andrea and Dylan received their flu shots today. Dylan's leg will likely be sore for days, as he really tensed up for the vaccination. I don't think that Dylan uttered a peep, while Andrea had a few shouts of protest. Oh yeah, Dylan gratefully volunteered his sister to get her shot first. He made sure to tell the nurse directly, so that there would be no mistakes.

Our next scheduled visit to the doctor is for Dylan's four-year well check in January. Andrea does not need to return until her two-year well check in April.

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