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19 October 2007 11:35 am

Infant to Toddler Scrapbook

When Andrea was preparing to transition from the Infant room to the Toddler room at school, I wanted to do something to say "Thank You" to the teachers who had cared not only for Andrea, but for Dylan years ago. I decided I would attempt to put together a small scrapbook for each of the three teachers that contained pictures of Andrea and Dylan at similar ages in similar poses. I initially intended to make a fourth book to keep for myself. After I realized the effort that the first three took, I settled for pictures of the pages.

Browse the book, keeping in mind that this is a picture of pictures taken without flash through a plastic sleeve. If you want, you could always open two browser windows and find the original of each of the pictures... but you're on your own for finding the links. If anyone does this and emails me the URLs, I'll share them with everyone.

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19 October 2007 11:08 am

Browsing Bonanza!

Picture pages, picture pages, time to get your picture pages...

That jingle from the Picture Pages show that aired during Captain Kangaroo came to mind when thinking about all of the pages of pictures that I have just uploaded to the website. For those interested in seeing pictures from our vacation to New York over the summer, you'll have to wait. For those interested in any other pictures taken, let's get started!

The new albums are:

  • Third Quarter 2007, which includes pictures taken in July, August, and September that don't have a separate album
  • Thomas 2007, which has pictures from our trip to the Illinois Railway in August to see the famous Tank Engine and to ride on the train pulled by him.
  • Camping Trip 2007, which was our first time camping as a family. We went to Blackwell Forest Preserve and spent one night in the tent.
  • Ribfest 2007 contains pictures at the July Ribfest in Naperville. The return of the Spongebob Bouncer was a hit for Dylan, as were some of the larger inflatables. Both kids enjoyed the ice cream quite a bit. Oh yeah... Dylan ate some sausage also. Geoff enjoyed the ribs, although I don't think we captured that on camera.
  • Second Quarter 2007, which includes pictures taken in April, May, and June that don't have a separate album
  • New Jersey Trip 2006 was our trip east for Cousin Abigail's baptism in April. It included Andrea's first (Dylan's third) airplane flight. We returned from New Jersey in the rental car when the weather cancelled our flight and we couldn't get on a flight until Tuesday morning. Geoff was student teaching at the time, so we opted to start driving on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m. and returned home around 5:30 a.m. Monday. No pictures from the return trip... But, a few pictures of the four cousins are included.
  • The index of albums is also updated, so you can browse down memory lane and see pictures of previous events and time periods.

    Can you believe that Andrea is 18 months old today? We have a visit with the doctor scheduled for Monday to confirm that she is growing and developing well. Both kids will be getting their flu shots, but I think that's it for needles. I'll get an update posted some time afterwards.

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