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19 November 2006 9:48 pm

Months Six and Seven

Pictures are now posted for Andrea's Month Six and Month Seven. Yes, that's right. For Andrea's Month Seven. She turned seven months old today, and pictures are actually edited and available for your perusal. "Hmmmm... what's the catch?", you must be thinking. No catch. In fact, there are over a hundred photos for the past month, and thirty for the month before.

Month Six contains pictures around the house. Nothing special, just every day life at the Schmit's.

Month Seven contains lots and lots of pictures. Those new solid foods that I mentioned previously are smattered throughout the month. Before, during, and after first bites. We went to the Morton Arboretum so Geoff could get his fall shots of sugar maples for Sugar Maple Software. There are a few pictures of Dylan and friends during their production at the Fall Festival at school; Andrea was too little to perform this time. There are a handful of pictures on Halloween, including of Dylan going trick-or-treating. He has one more piece of candy left, which he gets to eat tomorrow evening. One of my favorite times of year is captured again -- the fall leaves. And, there are also quite a few of every day life at the Schmit's again. As Andrea is getting more and more mobile, her adventurous spirit is showing. Toward the end of the photos, you'll see where she's starting to figure out how to pull her self up onto steps and chairs.

Now, if I could just update the pictures I have in my wallet, on my cell phone, and on my laptop...

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