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Hands off the Supreme Court

Download a window sign, print it, and post it to express your displeasure regarding the Republicans' pursuit of the "nuclear option."

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28 April 2005 10:02 pm


I just finished moving this site from Movable Type to Blosxom. The simplicity of Blosxom is intoxicating. I can now create stories in my favorite text editor and create new categories as easily as creating a new folder. No web forms, no regenerating web pages, just simple text editing. With Blosxom's less than 150 lines of Perl code and a handful of plug-ins (categorytree, entries_index, find, flatarchives, meta, moreentries, netflix, reading_room, and whoami), the site now does more of what I wanted in a much simpler fashion. Hopefully, this will make me more likely to write.

The site looks pretty much the same. However, there is more information in the sidebar. You can now browse my recently read books, book shelf of books to read, and Netflix queue.

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