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26 May 2004 8:50 pm

Electronic Voting Petition

Democracy for America is hosting a petition to call on Congress and the state governments to require that all electronic voting machines have audible paper records. There are few aspects of a democracy more important than voting and, therefore, as a democracy, it is our responsibility to ensure that every vote is accurately counted. I've previously commented on the problems with electronic voting. While California's Secretary of State, Kevin Shelley, previously decertified all touch-screen electronic voting machines, it is now reported that he will re-certify most, if not all, electronic voting machines for the November election. He is ensuring that some security improvements are made, but a paper trail is not required until July 2006. While much of the focus regarding this issue has been in California, this is a national issue. There are two pieces of federal legislation that will require paper records, House Resolution 2239, which was introduced over a year ago and is stuck in the House Committee on House Administration, and Senate 1980, stuck in the Committee on Rules and Administration chaired by Trent Lott.

If you are concerned about protecting this fundamental aspect of democracy, sign the petition today.

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