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28 April 2004 9:06 pm

News Headlines

As reported by Wired, the California Voting Commission finally recommended that Diebold's electronic voting machines be decertified. In addition, the Attorney General of California may file civil or criminal charges against the company. I don't find the recommendation itself surprising, but I'm amazed that others do. The problems with Diebold aren't new.

The Michigan House passed House Bill 5006 which allows "a health care provider may object as a matter of conscience to providing or participating in a health care service on ethical, moral, or religious grounds." Muslim? No stitches for you. Gay? Set your own broken arm. Embezzling CEO? Get your triple bypass somewhere else. Hasn't anyone heard of the Hippocratic Oath?

In my last entry, I encouraged everyone to display their patriotism without disrespecting the flag. I didn't provide any examples of how to do so. So, if you are looking for an output for your patriotic energies, check out, originally founded to "move-on" after the Clinton impeachment fiasco, and Democracy for America, the successor of the Dean for America organization. We all have a lot to do before November, and these organizations can help us focus our energies.

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28 April 2004 8:22 pm


   a continuous function,
   without limits,
   or asymptotes.

   an integrable function,
   the virtuous area above the axis;
   the malicious below.

   an oscillating function,
   with elated maxims,
   and depressed minims.

   an implicit function,
   with an inverse curve,
   and their common point -- death.

   a continuous function,
   that after its intersection,
   deviates beyond the Cartesian plane.

Middlebury, Vermont

This is another poem written at the New England Young Writers Conference at the Bread Loaf Campus. This poem is an example of what can happen when a philosophical teenage poet is a little too excited about calculus.

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