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22 February 2004 9:23 pm

A Wish for Writable Dates in iPhoto

brian d foy started an iPhoto AppleScript Wish List. What's on my list? Make the date property of the photo class writable.

The last time the time changed, I forgot to change the time on my camera. As a result, a number of pictures that I took had the wrong time before I realized my oversight. I was hoping that iPhoto 4 with its ability to make changes to multiple photos at once would help me address this problem. It didn't because it would only allow me to change multiple photos to the same date; not to subtract an hour from each photo. Given the number of photos involved, I tried to write an AppleScript to automate this process. Unfortunately, the date property of the photo class is read-only. If this property was writable, I could have automated what was a very tedious and error-prone manual process. In hindsight, I should have done what I usually due when I'm faced with a tedious and error-prone task on my computer. Use Perl.

Oh, yes, I did submit this feature request to Apple using the "Provide iPhoto Feedback" menu item in the "iPhoto" menu.

Posted by geoff at 21:23 in /apple