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28 January 2004 2:52 pm

First Doctor's Visit

We survived.

Today was Dylan's first visit to the doctor. At ten days old, he has surpassed his birth weight by almost half a pound and has grown 3/4". His head circumference is also 1/2" larger. Lengthwise, Dylan ranks in the 90th percentile; he's in the 75th percentile for the other two measurements.

In spite of our attempts to plan Dylan's daily routine around the visit to the doctor, chaos reigned. The nurse made all the measurements of Dylan just fine. She then inquired about the strength of Dylan's cry. Dylan felt compelled to demonstrate just how strong his cry could be. Understandably so, since he'd been in the doctor's office about a half hour and it was approaching feeding time. While waiting for the doctor, Dylan dutifully demonstrated all of his other bodily functions, including his first leaky, messy diaper - right on Mom's lap. We then started feeding Dylan, just as the doctor walked in the room. At least Dylan was somewhat comforted while we first got a handful of information from the doctor. When the doctor started to examine Dylan, he showed off once again by spitting up a bit.

So, to sum it up, Dylan passed with flying colors, Dad took lots of notes since Mom was preoccupied with Dylan, and Mom is just fine after a bit of cleaning up after returning home.

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28 January 2004 4:01 am

"He's So 'dorable"

Kerri, Dylan, Jordie, and Jessi Jessi, Kerri, and Jordie visited Dylan; Pete was at his fly-fishing club tying flies so he has something to use when teaching Dylan to cast. Jordie was very excited to see such a small baby. More than once, she commented "he's so 'dorable." Jessica was a bit more shy, but she still enjoyed the opportunity to hold Dylan. According to Kerri, Jessi talked a lot about Dylan after they left. Kerri also had her time holding Dylan. And for the first time, I had the baby handed back to me when he started fussing! Fortunately, Dylan did settle down on my shoulder. We took some pictures of the visit, since Dylan probably won't remember it.

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