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25 January 2004 1:25 pm

kittle lid

big belly bulging
kittle lid kicks, pokes, punches
we three wait anxious

Naperville, Illinois
October 2003

I wrote this for Carolyn for our wedding anniversary. Obviously, Dylan was the inspiration. Since we didn't know if Dylan was a boy or a girl, we called him "kittle lid." I'm not sure if that name came from the Capitol Steps' Lirty Dies or my high school Spanish teacher.

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25 January 2004 2:22 am

Baby Pool at Work

Congratulations to Dave! I won't publicly state which Dave, since the other did not fare quite so well. I will state that one is an engineer and the other a chemist, so it shouldn't be too tough to figure out who prevailed. Even with my inside information, I only placed fifth out of seventeen.

It was a low scoring game, with the winner only getting 49 out of a possible 80 points. Three out of four incorrectly predicted that Dylan would be a girl. Dylan arrived sooner than all but two predicted. All but one person predicted that Dylan would be lighter than he was. The twenty points allocated to time were the toughest to get; only two people scored more than ten. And, yes, there was a spreadsheet to calculate the scoring and indicate the winner.

You'll all be glad to know that bribes did not work in this case. My boss, who had many attempts at "voo-doo magic" (Nick's words, not mine) actually finished the day in last place. (Nick should be glad to know that the guesses he offered on Friday 16 January would have put him in a tie for first place.) Perhaps now I should start thinking about some peace offerings before raise time!

Ime eftihismeni.
Geoff? Eftihismenos.
Dylan? Kourasmenos. Poli.

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